1. Demanding conformity in methodology
  2. Not allowing room for younger, less experienced leadership
  3. Being obsessed with one point of view
  4. Punishing out-of-the-box thinking
  5. Managing instead of leading
  6. Being defined by critics
  7. Being threatened by giftedness that’s unlike our own
  8. Treating creativity as heresy
  9. Failing to equip capable leaders to disciple others
  10. Labeling instead of seeking to understand
  11. Relying on the establishment for credibility
  12. Downplaying the validity of the Holy Spirit’s work outside our paradigm
  13. Seeing leadership more about control than release
  14. Tying ministry to property and building
  15. Getting distracted by many missions instead of the Great Commission
  16. Giving the application of biblical principles the same weight as the principles themselves
  17. Failing to create a culture where open conversation is encouraged
  18. Being timid when courage is needed
  19. Focusing more on information than on transformation
  20. Having dreams that are too small
  21. Operating more out of fear than out of faith