You may find yourself looking for that extra push to move ahead in your work. Drawing from his experience in ministry, college teaching, leadership training and banking, David Baker flexibly fine-tunes his programs to help meet those needs. His diverse life experience has allowed him to develop skills in conflict resolution and team building, staff development, strategic planning and other areas of interpersonal communication

His additional training has included certifications through a variety of leadership conferences (such as Franklin Covey’s The Leader in Me Symposium and the 21st Century Facilitator’s Conference), banking industry conferences, leadership programs and workshops. His volunteer experience includes Rotary Club, High School Youth Leadership programs and School Board leadership on the state and local level.

David and his wife, Mitzi, are parents of three children, who are great young adults: Andrew, Eli and Anna Grace. They love serving their West Tennessee community, where Mitzi is an elementary school principal.

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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to train ministry leaders so that they will be well equipped to train successive generations (2 Timothy 2:2).

Our mission is to empower ministers and volunteers to develop the skills and habits necessary to become effective ministry leaders.

Our Team

Alex Courington

Alex Courington specializes in leading retreats, organizing and directing vacation Bible schools and promoting youth and parental involvement in activities. Alex can serve you by presenting on topics such as:

  • Building and Keeping a Strong Parent Base and Winning Volunteer Team
  • Creating Memorable Experiences for Youth that They will Talk About for Years
  • VBS Strategy and Planning
  • Creating a Positive Youth Group Culture
  • Memorable Weekend Youth Retreats – Team Building Activities and Gospel-Centered Teaching (contact us about Alex leading your weekend youth retreat)

Mark Massey

Mark Massey, a highly experienced presenter at seminars on personality training and conflict management, has worked as an educator, administrator and church leader. His list of clients includes FedEx, Youth Villages and a variety of schools and churches. Mark can serve you by presenting on topics such as:

  • Ministry 911: Mediation for Leadership in Teams in Crisis
  • Leading Successfully through Times of Complexity and Change
  • Managing Church Transition
  • Building Consensus: Helping Your Leadership Team Achieve Its Full Potential
  • Building Relationship Versatility Among Staff Members
  • Couples Communication Workshop

Travis Young

A graduate of Freed-Hardeman University, Travis Young has worked with churches in Tennessee and South Carolina. His personal goal is to serve Jesus with joyful obedience. He excels at motivating young people to pursue a personal relationship with the Lord. Travis can serve you by presenting on topics such as:

  • Fundamentals of Worship Leading
  • Unlocking Your Potential as a Worship Leader
  • Informing Young Adult Marriages in Light of the Covenantal Gospel
  • Memorable Weekend Youth Retreats – Team Building Activities and Gospel-Centered Teaching (Contact us about Travis leading your weekend youth retreat.)

Coaching & Training

How Does It Work?

So what is a ministry coach? A coach helps leaders assess themselves and their situation and then improve their skills, knowledge, and disciplines so that they can make necessary big picture changes. A coach will help you develop in 5 vital areas:

Know God
Know Yourself
Know Your Leaders, Students and Volunteers
Know The Congregation
Know Your Community

A relationship with your ministry coach will focus on the needs identified in the ministry assessment tool completed by you and discussed with your coach. The main benefit of coaching is to improve spiritual health, identify solutions to work-related issues, improve specific ministry skills and performance difficulties, develop a vision and plan that will propel the ministry forward.

One-on-One Coaching

Through our one-on-one coaching, ministry leaders will meet with David via Skype in an agreed upon number of coaching sessions. These sessions are ideal for the leader who wants to improve performance with specific issues affecting ministry life and ministry. Based on the results from our Ministry Assessment Tool, David will work with you to craft sessions that help you become more effective as a leader.

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Ministry Consulting

Youth and Family Ministry
Church Assessment and Consulting

Are you looking to go deeper than a weekend training event? Our church assessment and consulting service involves listening first, then working with leaders to forge a pathway forward. Through surveys, engaging with listening groups from the congregation, and a presentation of best practices, David will present to leaders an honest assessment for evaluating the state of your ministry and developing a shared vision going forward. A specific, nuts-and-bolts plan will be crafted with leadership input for moving the ministry forward. Through an ongoing relationship, David will help you implement the plan.

Effective Youth Programs for Churches Without Paid Staff

Is your ministry team led by volunteers? Our workshop will help you put a proven plan into action that will move your ministry forward. This hands-on and informative workshop will help you create a system that is practical and effective.

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Facilitating & Speaking

Leadership Team Training

Is your team achieving its full potential? Our training will build teams that focus on trust, open communication, and clear goals. To attain these goals we customize every team-building engagement to the specific needs of the group. Training is experiential and informative.

Weekend Retreats

Whether you need training for adult volunteers or parents, our weekend retreats will incorporate active learning experiences to make for an informative, challenging, and enjoyable conversation about the state of youth and families in your church ministry, and how to work together to form an effective ministry team that values young and old together. David will work with you to create a workshop that meets your specific needs. It is more than theory – it is biblical, practical, hands-on, and helps you answer the question, “Where do we go from here?”

Need team building skills for youth retreats? Our team will work with you to create a weekend experience for youth that teens will never forget!


  • Teacher Training – Connecting With and Reaching today’s Students
  • Counseling Teenagers Workshop
  • Building Parental Support for Ministry Effectiveness
  • Leadership Training Weekend for Church Leaders
  • High Level Skill Training for Your Leadership Team
  • Moving from Attractional to Missional Outreach to Your Community

Speaking and Church Family Days

Looking for an encouraging day of presentations to help church members? David’s energetic, dynamic style, punctuated with humor and thought-provoking perspectives, will engage your audience from start to finish. As a veteran speaker at conferences and events, David has spoken from coast-to-coast and in a number of foreign countries. He is particularly effective on subjects related to family, leadership, brokenness and healing. He gladly accepts assignments to design messages for specific occasions.

Past Presentations:

  • Building Our Homes on a Solid Foundation
  • It Takes a Team to Build a Great Ministry
  • Understanding and Practicing Forgiveness
  • Conflict: Working Through Without Walking Out
  • Connecting to Your Community: Building Bridges, Not Walls
  • Give Peace a Change
  • Healing and Divorce
  • The Christ of Every Crisis

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Conducted workshops in the following:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Lousiana
  • Mexico
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Puerto Rico
  • Virginia
  • Wyoming


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